DEBOTTLENECKING - Process- & Plant Optimizing

Debottlenecking of the evaporation system carried out!

Sappi Ehingen attaches great importance to the optimization of processes and plants, especially measures to reduce environmental impact and increase energy efficiency. GIG Karasek took successfully on this task and optimized and expanded 2017 the existing evaporation plant for concentration of cooking liquor.

The conversion of several existing forced-circulation and one natural-circulation evaporator stage to the advantageous plate falling film technology and the associated extension had to be realized as resource and time-saving as possible. This project was therefore implemented in a gradual conversion with extremely short downtime during ongoing operation. Outstanding engineering performance made it possible to integrate an existing apparatus into the new process circuitry. Lowest guaranteed energy consumption values and already successfully installed systems at other Sappi locations were the main reasons for the project assignment to GIG Karasek. The conversion to plate falling film technology has significantly reduces pump performance and significantly increased the performance of the evaporation plant. In a pilot project, a hydrogen peroxide flushing system, specially adapted to customer needs, was developed and implemented. The resulting optimization of the washing outcome contributes significantly to the increase in efficiency of the systems.

The challenge of such project is obvious. By means of a 3D laser scan of the existing plant an optimal integration of the plant layout could be realized. Only through optimum planning, sensitivity and experience can the inevitable downtimes be minimized and the security of existing systems guaranteed. The construction and conversion work required here, including the dismantling of heat exchangers and pipelines, as well as the extensive crane work required the highest precision under the most challenging conditions.

Thanks to the close and excellent cooperation of all concerned, the project was successfully completed on time and the modernized evaporation plant was upgraded to more efficient full operation for the concentration of sulphite liquor in January 2018.

As a leading manufacturer of evaporation plants for the pulp and regenerated fiber industry, GIG Karasek realizes new construction, conversion and expansion projects globally and is considered a competent partner for plant construction and individual optimization of existing plants. Further thermal separation processes such as distillation / rectification, drying as well as thin-film and short-path evaporators count GIG Karasek to the current portfolio and can thus realize the most diverse solutions in different industries. Especially with regard to new applications such as biorefinery individual applications can be realized (tall oil distillation, distillation of bioethanol, evaporation of lignosulfonates, recovery of valuable materials etc.),