Falling Film Technology

Efficient and resource-saving!

Falling film evaporators are the optimal equipment for evaporation. They are particularly suitable for gentle evaporation and evaporation of temperature-sensitive media. They use gravity to move the medium evenly over the heating surface from top to bottom. Due to their good heat transfer behavior and because the liquid begins to boil without overheating by pure surface evaporation, only a small driven Termeraturdifferenz between heating medium and product is necessary. Even with media that would tend to caking at higher wall temperatures, the use of fall film vans. This can reduce fouling on the product side.

In addition to the classic, frequently used types of evaporators, we also plan and produce special apparatuses for special challenges. Just ask us for the details!

Different types of evaporators for individual requirements!


  • High evaporation rates
  • energy efficient
  • Low pollution potential and easy cleaning
  • Short residence times on the heated surface
  • very low absolute pressures
  • no bladder boiling
  • ideal for thermally sensitive or viscous products


  • paper industry
  • starch industry
  • Chemical industry
  • food industry
  • polymer industry
  • and much more.