Thermal Vapor Recompression - TVR

Use valuable energy intelligently & multiply

The thermal vapor recompression (TVR) builds on the same principle as the mechanical alternative, but uses only a portion of the resulting vapor for heating the system. The compression of the steam for heat recovery takes place in a steam jet pump. This is usually designed for a specific operating point and works on the jet pump principle. A certain amount of steam, the so-called motive steam, is required for the operation of a thermal vapor compressor. The resulting energy savings correspond in many cases in about an additional evaporator stage.

The main advantage of the thermal vapor recompression is thus improved steam economy for a moderate investment cost, which is lower than that for an additional evaporation stage.

Thermal Vapor Recompression


• The main product is water or water with a negligible content of organic substances
• The distillate can easily be vaporized to supply the vapors to the ejectors
• The heating medium is available at the required temperature level
• Moderate difference between upper and lower temperature


• no moving parts
• low wear
• high operational safety
• less / less investment costs
• simple and effective design


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