Plate Falling Film Evaporator

Individual solutions to increase capacity! – Ideal for bundle exchange and capacity expansion of existing plants

Projection by resistance spot welded plates


GIG Karasek is a leading Central European manufacturer of evaporation plants for the pulp and regenerated fiber industry. GIG Karasek has been a leader in the field of resistance-point-welded plate-type film evaporators for many years. Due to the long-time know-how of our experts and constant development of the manufacturing processes, we can offer you guaranteed highest quality and safety for your plants.

  • Long-term experience with a long service life
  • Minimal contamination risk due to very smooth metal surfaces
  • Low corrosion risk at the surface as the basic structure remains unchanged at the spot weld surface
  • No cold deformation in the weld affected zone due to special devices
  • Low pressure loss due to maximum expansion heights even with duplex steel
  • Minimized risk of stress corrosion cracking
  • Closed edge welding provides maximum utilization of the heating surface, no gap and load-bearing weld seams as a plate seal

  • Capacity increase possible through heating surface extension
  • Higher flexibility in heating surface designs due to new formats
  • Any size up to the maximum size possible (1,5x12m)
  • Ideal geometry finding to optimize your system design
  • Minimal costs for conversions of Heating surfaces extensions by use of existing evaporator body possible
  • Conversions can be realized without great effort with only short stoppages
  • Minimal transport costs by optimizing formats for standard container dimensions


Andreas Schnitzhofer
Head of Business Unit
Aichhorn Wolfgang, Eindampftechnology, Evaporation Technology

Wolfgang Aichhorn
Sales Manager