ZPR Mercer Rosenthal

Individual process solution

Stripping column for condensate cleaning

ZPR Mercer Rosenthal in Germany produces bleached market pulp on the basis of spruce and pine using the kraft pulp process. The site operates an evaporation plant that concentrates the black liquor for further thermal utilization in the recovery boiler. During the evaporation and subsequent condensation process, different types of condensates with different impurity contents occur at several points.

In connection with considerations on water savings in the production, the increased use of B-condensate for various tasks is now favored. To do this, the condensate has to be treated because it contains methanol and odorous sulfur compounds.  To ensure that, GIG Karasek – a specialist for thermal separation technologies, is realizing a new stripping column to treat the impured B-Condensate. The installation includes a stripper, which separates the volatile components from the water such as methanol. Additionly, an ideally suitable plate falling film evaporator is used as overhead condenser which will be delivered from GIG Karasek also.

In this way, the heat of condensation can be integrated into the evaporation process without the need of additional fresh water or an alternative condenser. This results in the highest possible energy efficiency and in an increasement of the evaporation capacity.

The installation also includes a new concentrator, which results in flexible cleaning options and the evaporation temperatures in the concentrators can be kept moderate.

GIG Karasek is building once again an ideal customized solution that is at the forefront of technology in the pulp industry. Particularly in this area profound process engineering and know-how is necessary in order to achieve the desired effect with all necessary safety measures ensured.

ZPR Mercer Rosenthal:

ZPR is part of the North American Mercer International Group, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of long fiber pulp. The Mercer Rosenthal is located in Blankenstein, Thuringia, in one of the most tree-covered areas in Germany. With over 130 years of history, the company is now one of the most modern pulp mills in Europe. Mercer draws the greatest possible benefit from the valuable raw material wood. Cellulose and valuable biochemicals are obtained from the wood fiber.  All other wood components are used to generate energy in the form of heat and bio-electricity. Mercer Rosenthal is constantly on the lookout for further solutions how the valuable resource wood can be used even more sustainably and with even greater added value.