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Revamping, Retrofitting & Debottlenecking

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Numerous modernizations, optimizations and adjustments (revamping, retrofitting and debottlenecking) shape the life cycle of a device or a system. GIG Karasek supports customers in modernizing existing components and complete systems regardless of the scope of the project.

Adapting to new regulations, circumstances and framework conditions can often become costly challenges. New investments and new acquisitions often appear to be the “simplest” and “most effective” solution. But this is often not necessary at all.

With extensive experience and specialized manufacturing knowledge, we can provide efficient and sophisticated solutions for overhauling dirty, damaged or outdated parts and systems. A modernization of an apparatus or a system offers you the possibility to avoid costly new investments.

It is therefore advisable to carry out a comprehensive analysis and review of the initial situation in order to get the best out of the existing conditions!

GIG Karasek already supports customers in finding solutions and making decisions. Inventory, simulation models and various studies serve as the basis.


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Revamping, Retrofitting & Debottlenecking


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