We serve international customers and partners from a wide range of industrial sectors and branches with our customized equipment and systems. No matter how challenging your tasks are, our experts are at your disposal for individual process solutions.

Pulp & Fiber Industry

Evaporation plants for the pulp and fiber industry have been one of GIG Karasek core competencies for decades. Due to our many years of experience in plant construction. We are able to identify opportunities for improvement in each existing plant and to plan and implement suitable solutions. Whether conversions, capacity expansions, elimination of bottlenecks or entire turn key solutions, GIG Karasek fulfills all individual customer requirements.

Application examples:


  • Concentration of sulphite & sulphatelye
  • Concentration of Pulp for Pulp production for the regenerated fiber industry
  • Concentration of lignosulfonates
  • Concentration of Xylose
  • Concentration of Bleaching Water
  • Recovery of solvents from the Lyocell fiber industry
  • Destillation of Tall oil
  • Concentration of dissolved Pulps for textile industry


GIG Karasek designs your machine for processing starch according to your requirements and applications. Whether mechanical vapor recompression (MBV), thermal vapor recompression (TBV) or multi-stage evaporations. GIG Karasek offers all possibilities according to customer-specific.

  • Concentration of Source- and Washwater
  • Concentration of Sugar from the  Starchindustry (Glucose, Fructose, Dextrose, Maltose, Sorbitol)
  • Concentration of Sweeteners
  • Concentration of modified Starch
  • Concentration and Destillation of Lacticacid

Oleochemistry - Biodiesel, fatty acids

Decades of experience pay off, especially in the field of oleochemistry. Through the use of our technologies, high-quality products can be produced with a wide variety of raw materials, taking into account individual requirements. Product purity, environmental compatibility and minimal energy consumption are the focus. Therefore, innovative systems for energy recovery and sophisticated process links are a matter of course.

  • Separation of Dioxane from Surfactants
  • Removal of free fatty acids from mono-, di- and triglycerides
  • Distillation of monoglycerides
  • Distillation of  fatty acids and resin acids from Tall oil
  • Distillation of fatty acid derivatives and fatty Methylester
  • Separation of residual glycerine from residues of biodiesel production

Chemical Industry

As a specialist in Evaporation Technology, GIG Karasek has already used complete solututions from the laboratory test to complete System in many international Projects, including in the field of organic chemistry. All Systems are convincing with high process reliability and thus with the highest possible System availability.


High-precision plants are required in the production of inorganic products. A partnership with GIG Karasek is the reliable guarantee of exact quality and future-oriented technology. GIG Karasek is not only manufactures high-quality systems and equipment, it also offers a variety of services and a special service. Decisive advantage with GIG Karasek technology for a multitude of products.

  • Separation of nitric acid from organic high boiler
  • Separation of butynediol from high boiler
  • Recovery of methanol from high boiler
  • Recovery of xylenol from a cleaning solution
  • Removal of hexane from PP and PE waxes
  • Dry salt by evaporation of water and solvent
  • Separation of phenol from coal pitch
  • Distillation of precursors for the production of insecticides
  • Separation of by-products in the production of synthetic fibers

Plasticindustry - Polymers

GIG Karasek stands for technology and plant engineering for the production, processing and recycling of polymers. We are able to offer tailor-made solutions for you. Do you have new applications, then contact us. We can also test your product in our technical center.




  • Separation of HDI, MDI and TDI Monomers (Isocyanates)
  • Residual removal of toluene from epoxy resin
  • Separation of THF from polymers
  • Separation of trimethylpropane from high boiler
  • Purification of Silicone oils and Silicone polymers
  • Recovery of solvents
  • Concentration and Distillation of lactic acid for PLA


We know how petrochemical products are processed  into valuable pre-, intermediate and end products. GIG Karasek has extensive experience for a wide variety of applications.


  • Drying of lubricants for the forging industry
  • Oil regeneration

Wastewater & Recycling

Our plants make it possible to conserve resources through treatment and recovery. For the treatment of waste water, among other things, thin-film dryers are used. You can concentrate,  dry and drain pastes and sludge. Due to the good product circulation in the dryer, sludge can be dried perfectly. Process water often has to be aftertreated in order to either dispose of it properly or to recycle it back into the process cycle. This is usually achieved through process combinations. Thermal processes are the focus of the process conditioning solution. Thin-film dryers are the key component

  • Drying of Industrial sludges
  • Drying and Predrying of municipal sewage sludge
  • Drying of Hydroxide sludge


With its technologies, GIG Karasek  had a lasting influence on the production processes in the food industry and food production. It will continue to be our challenge to identify trends and needs in an early stage and to set benchmarks in new technologies.

Competence and strength in Food production – ask for our application references.



  • Lecithindrying
  • Melassedrying
  • Concentration of  tartaric acid dervatives