Growing Networks

Banmark & GIG Karasek

Growing Network in the Nordics with Banmark

GIG Karasek, a leading supplier for evaporation technologies from Austria, has established a new partnership for its equipment sales in the Nordics and strengthen the market presence there.

With the integration of GIG Karasek´s product portfolio, new fields in the pulp industries could be covered. Applications are for example the concentration of black liquor, distillation of methanol from condensates, tall oil fractionation, recovery of solvents from dissolving fibre spinning processes etc. Banmark also carries equipment for bakeries & food production and biogas & environmental industry where GIG Karasek can offer solutions as well, especially with thin film & short path evaporators.

For GIG Karasek the market fit is perfect as Mr. Aichhorn, the Area Sales Manager for Central and Northern Europe, explains. GIG Karasek can offer the individual technical solution whereas Banmark has the necessary professionals located near the customers which can serve our innovative solutions directly to them. Especially the language barrier in some areas could be solved which is sometimes challenging for customers and suppliers from different countries (e.g. Russia). All in all 1+1=3 in this case the CEO Peter Mandl of GIG Karasek is delighted. With the current references over the last years, start-ups of actual deliveries and potential new projects in the Nordics, the offering could not be better.

The attention is big as the first customers are asking for alternative solutions from the big two market dominators which are often not easy to handle, some customers explain. GIG Karasek can give additional value to customers as all solutions are developed individually in the engineering offices in Graz and Attnang Puchheim to very competitive prices. Furthermore, GIG Karasek relies on its own fabrication of all core components in house with two workshops based in Gloggnitz and Attnang Puchheim. The own fabrications and the highly technical skilled employees are truly the foundation for the high quality of the products and consequential very long lifetimes of the equipment which leads to long term customer satisfaction. This is especially true for heating bundles form Plate Falling Film Evaporators and Thin Film & Short Path Evaporators where special manufacturing know-how over the last decades could be used. First inquiries are already here and others will follow, Mika Puhakainen the sales manager in Finland is ensured. Customers will get informed throughout the year of the new possibilities of both companies.

Are you interested in the extension / revamps your equipment or do you need a new one? Just get in contact with Banmark in your country directly!



Banmark provides professional and innovative solutions to serve the demanding requirements of the pulp and paper industry since almost 50 years. This includes equipment for the pulp & paper industry and specialty chemicals. Banmark provides a broad range of specialty chemicals and equipment used within the pulping process, paper machine wet end, coating color treatment as well as de-inking and paper converting.

The Finnish organization of Banmark is located regionally with the head office in Vantaa and branch offices in Tampere, Jyväskylä and Lappeenranta. The Swedish Market is covered by the office in Gothenburg and the Russian Market from St. Petersburg.

Currently Banmark employs over 70 talented and innovative professionals worldwide, each with strong product knowledge and a customer-oriented approach. Banmark technicians are highly qualified professionals, with in depth knowledge of technical equipment and specialty chemicals for industrial systems.


GIG Karasek offers all kind of thermal separation technologies with evaporation technologies such as Plate Falling Film Evaporators, Tube Falling Film Evaporators, Thin Film and Short Path Evaporators on a global scale. GIG Karasek employs 120 professional employees in at the three sites (Gloggnitz, Graz, Attnang Puchheim) in Austria. Since the middle of 2019 Banmark took over the official representation of GIG Karasek in the Countries Finland, Sweden and Russia.