News 01/2021

Full steam ahead!


2020 was marked by many challenges – but we can say with a little pride that the GIG Karasek has managed to achieve a very positive order situation and even to exceed targets in individual sectors. We are starting the year 2021 optimistically and full of energy.


Times change and everything is constantly changing – therefore agility is all the more important and always keeping an eye and ear open for new paths, new technologies and new solutions in order to adapt quickly and efficiently to the given circumstances and to master existing challenges.

The last year brought many unusual challenges, be it just new ways of communicating with customers or project management. GIG Karasek and its customers work incessantly on current international projects under the strictest safety standards, on new developments, new opportunities and new projects.

Thus, despite all the circumstances, delivery times and project schedules have been met without any infection. Environmental protection through wastewater treatment, climate protection, recovery of valuable materials and energy optimization of industrial plants through revamping, debottlenecking and retrofitting – these are still tasks to be solved in the coming years. The positive order situation shows that many customers are already actively working on it. A secure future is thus actively realized together.

That is why we invest in the future, expand our team in plant construction, in our own technical center and other areas of the company and, together with customers from all over the world, are constantly researching new process engineering solutions.

GIG Karasek is looking forward to the future together, with all the challenges that still have to be mastered! Become part of the energetic team and find out more about vacancies HERE