Powerpackage for universal fields of application
The GIG Karasek Short Path Evaporatoor offers a particularly wide range of services in spare evaporation technology for delicate fabrics. The spectrum of special apparatus reaches from high evaporation to fine vacuum distillation at pressures up to 0.001 mbar. It is based on the same powerful principle as that of the Thin Film Evaporator. The subtle difference lies in the built-in capacitor of Short Path Evaporator, which leads to an even shorter and more gentle evaporation process and greatly minimizes the path of the vapors to the condenser.

The Short Path Evaporator works on the same principle as the high-performance Thin Film Evaporator. The difference is that it has an integrated capacitor. This makes the path of the vapors to the condenser extremely short.

Short Path Evaporators are used mainly for distilling low-viscosity products:

– Separating extracts
– Extraction of fatty acids, derivatives or sparingly volatile aroma and flavor materials
– Distilling of vitamins

– Low pressure loss despite high exhaust steam rate
– Gentle evaporation and therefore suitable for the purification by distillation of many substances that would conventionally not be separated by thermal processes.
– High boiler does not reach the capacitor through efficient drift eliminators
– Through special devices it is possible to draw several distillate fractions and thus to obtain more varied product qualities